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Is there really a 'right season' to sell?

A lot of people consider winter a bad time to sell because of the weather, but it's worth noting that during the warmer weather, many potential buyers are preoccupied with spending their time on holiday! So we'll let you in on a little secret...

The best time to sell your house is... when you're ready to! And while that may not be the definitive answer you were looking for, it's the truth.

Selling a house is a stressful process. And something you have to be 100% committed to. It takes time to choose an agent, decide on a strategy with them, and then getting your house 'ready' to be sold. This will involve things like maintenance, repairs, minor refurbishments - all to ensure it's looking in tip-top shape to achieve the best price. And if the time isn't right to do all of that - then you may be starting off without the right preparation in place.

Then of course there are inspections, open homes, and of course working out what you and your family’s future plans will be when the house sells! So the fact is, you need to be in a situation where all of this doesn’t sound too overwhelming.

But if you’re still wondering what could be a good time of the year to go on the market, here’s a few thoughts below:

Summer: Yes, this is a great time because of the weather, and you’re able to show your property off in the best light (literally) – especially so if your home is in a popular tourist destination. Houses with indoor/outdoor flow also do very well, as people can really envisage themselves using the space. But it’s worth noting, during this time a lot of people are on holiday, and the thought of buying a house is simply too much to consider.

Autumn: This can be a good time typically, as the weather is still favourable, and people are still out and about. With the children back in school, and most overseas holidays not happening until later in the year – it can be quite a settled time for people, giving them time to consider moving. But this is usually when most houses are on the market, meaning more competition for buyers.

Winter: It may feel illogical to sell your home in the coldest months of the year – the truth is, there are still buyers in winter, and because there are less homes on the market, you have more of an opportunity to standout. However you do need to be very aware of the exterior of your home, as it is difficult to have the best street appeal during this time. Appealing to buyer’s senses will be very important to have them coming back for a second look.

Spring: As daylight savings begins again, people feel more encouraged to head outdoors and consider relocating. It’s almost like emerging from a bit of a hibernation! Buyers could be eager to make a move before the festive season, and this can prompt a bit of a flurry during the spring. It is also a time when you can make your home look very inviting, as long as you do a bit of a tidy-up after winter. But the number of properties on the market could rise again, resulting in more competition for buyer’s attention.

Of course the above are just generalisations, as every city and region has its own fluctuations depending on the property market at hand. So as mentioned above, it’s about deciding when it will work best for you – no matter when you decide to sell your home, there will always be potential buyers.

What’s most important is having the right agent who knows how to market your property in the best way possible.

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