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Selling Your Home

It's our job to sell homes on a daily basis, which is why dealing with everything that goes with it is simply second-nature to us.


But just in case you want to do your own research before getting in touch, we've compiled some information below that can you use on your journey to putting your house on the market, and achieving the price you want for it. 

Don't forget, if there is anything you're still not sure about, please do get in touch

What are the different methods for selling? 
There are a variety of ways to sell a house, with the main ones being an auction, with an advertised price, deadline sale and by negotiation. Which is best for YOUR home will depend on current market conditions, and which option is the most agreeable for you, the vendor. Click here to see more information on selling methods from Settled.govt.nz.
Do I have to renovate my property before I sell? 
In short, no. It is not a requirement to renovate your property before you put it on the market. But it is important to consider any refurbishments if you want to benefit from a higher selling price, and a faster campaign on the market. The best thing to do? Ask an experienced local agent to view your home and provide you with an appraisal, and also some feedback on any possibly areas of improvement. Modernising a property is almost always a great idea, but you also have to be careful about overcapitalising. As a trusted Taupo agent, I'd be happy to discuss this further with you
How do I decide what price I would like for my home? 
Deciding on the right sale price for a property is one of the most difficult things to do. As a homeowner we often place a lot of 'emotional value' on what we think our home is worth, but it is critical to realise that a property can only be sold for the most that a buyer is willing to pay for it, and that will depend on a few variables - the current marketplace, other competition in the neighbourhood, and the condition of the house itself. I offer a free, no-obligation appraisal for property owners in Taupo, please get in touch to see what your home may be worth. 
What is the best way to market/advertise my property for sale? 
Advertising your property requires a multi-faceted approach of both online and print components. We are able to provide premium opportunities in local and nationwide media, as well as benefit from bulk marketing strategies on the leading digital property platforms. Understanding your target market (who your buyer will most likely be) is the starting point, and from here a campaign is developed to ensure those people are reached in the places they are looking for property.  
Why is it best practice to use an experienced real estate agent to sell my home?  
There is no end to the benefits of working with an experienced, local real estate agent to sell your home. It is something they do everyday, providing them unprecedented insights into what sells a property, and how to ensure a home achieves the sale price it deserves. From having a large database of potential buyers, to working closely with their colleagues, a reputable agent has access to a variety of valuable tools and information as part of their role in the real estate industry.  
While my home is on the market, what do I need to do? 
While your property is for sale, it's best to keep it as tidy and presentable as possible - as along with open homes, there may be buyers who wish to have private viewings at other times. It's best to not start packing or any new DIY projects, as this could compromise the appeal of your property.  
Auctions make me nervous - do I have to sell my home at auction? 
No, you don't have to sell your property via the auction process if it is something you are extremely uncomfortable with. But it is important to realise that sometimes (depending on the market) it really is the most favourable way to achieve a desired sale price. Your agent and their agency will be able to guide you through the process, and don't forget, there will always be a reserve price set, so you will never be pressured to sell for less than what you want. 
Should I buy a home first, or sell first? 
I'd be happy to discuss this with you! As it is something many people struggle with. Of course there is the worry of selling a property without having anything to move into, but on the flipside, it can be difficult to purchase a new home without knowing your exact financial situation. There are many possible solutions to this conundrum, and it is important to consider them all. 
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